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    Who doesn’t love a good board game?

    1. Mathopoly

    This game board is a clever take on the classic board game Monopoly, but with math in every action. Roll the dice and move to a square to answer or figure out one of the curriculum standards-based questions to “own” the property.

    What parents say “Math may not be your children’s favorite subject, but it might be if they play Mathopoly”

    2. Sum Swamp

    Add and subtract your way through the swamp. Young children get to practise their essential arithmetic facts while having fun. This game received an Oppenheim Best Toy Award.

    What parents say “I bought this for my 4 year old son as he HATED math with worksheets and flashcards. He wanted to play this game 10 times a day. He LOVES it! Before we bought this game, he was SLOWLY and reluctantly finger-counting addition. He can now add and subtract 2 numbers (1-6) by memory.”
    The Maths Insider Guide to the Best Parent - Tested Math Products
    3. Equate

    If your eight year old likes crosswords, this game will be a hit. Making equations can be a challenge. Eight year olds can begin making equations using addition and subtraction but older children can get more points using division or fraction tiles.

    What parents say “It’s given my daughter great self-confidence in Math. Only complaint:The tiles are cardboard and thin. Easy to lose, but they come in a ziploc type bag.”
    4. Head Full of Numbers

    Shake the “head” cup to roll the dice. Set the sand timer. Write as many equations from the numbers and symbols on the dice before sand runs out. Good for any number of players and level. This is an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award Winner.

    What parents say “My oldest plays the traditional way, in making math problems. My preschooler tries to find matching numbers and sequences, and my other preschooler tries to identify the numbers. It is such a simple game that you can make up your own way to use it and play it.”
    5. Sequence Numbers

    The brightly colored cards have questions and the answers are printed on the game board. Place a tile on the answer. With five in a row, you have a Sequence! This bingo-like game is great for ages seven and older.

    What parents say “Thus, whether you use the game cards or make up your own more challenging cards, this game will be fun as well as educational for your smart pre-schooler, your struggling grade-schooler, or even your genius middle- or high-schooler.”
    6. Money Bags: A Coin Value Game

    This game makes making change so much fun! Earn money while completing chores, like setting the table or for selling lemonade. The spinner makes exceptions such as, no nickels to make sure kids make use of the higher value coins. Monet bags is great for developing critical thinking and counting/coin sense.

    What parents say “ It’s a game that is easy to learn and fun for the whole family! ”
    7. Pizza Fraction Fun Game

    Better be hungry for pizza as you play seven games in one! Identifying, adding and subtracting and matching equivalents help make making pizzas and working with fractions fun. The double sided spinners allow the difficulty level to be easily adjusted.

    What parents say “I think this is an excellent game for teaching the different skills to do with learning fractions and can be easily improvised for each child’s learning/grade level. The games can be also be complemented with real pizza:)Recommended!”
    8. Dino Math Tracks Place Value Game

    Dinosaurs rule with place value. Roll the dice to make four digit numbers. Get your dinos to their base before other players do. An Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award Winner.

    What parents say “ Good concept and she is learning without even knowing she is doing math. ”
    9. Sumoku

    Play five different versions, including a solo one, of this addition/multiplication game. Set tiles up crossword style to add up to multiples of the number on a die. Connect all the numbers for a complete Sumoku!

    What parents say “I highly recommend Sumoku to anyone looking for a fun, challenging game.”

    10. Pay Day Board Game

    Family finance is fun in Pay Day. Get paid and decide how to spend your money. Whoever has the most money at the end of the game wins. This classic game is for suitable for ages eight and up.

    What parents say “This game is very fun. it can be as long or as short (time wise) as you want it. You learn about money and bills and such, but don’t really see it as a learning game because its fun….”

    Have you played any math board games recently?



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