Library Goals

  • Library Goals

    Create a school library environment that is welcoming and inclusive.

    •       Establish monthly one-on-one meeting with school leadership (9/6/16)
    •       Establish relationships with staff and students (ongoing)
    •       Create stakeholder surveys (Send out Oct.)
    •       Evaluate existing collections using Destiny data and Mackin reports
    •       Create curriculum support for non-fiction resources (lib guides, QRCs, Destiny lists, purchasing)
    •       Create displays and programming to support SPPS students and staff


    Establish baseline data for future goal setting

    •       Circulation
    •       Student Use
    •       Staff Use
    •       Programming
    •       Community Involvement


    Provide stakeholders with a state of the library report each semester, including:

    • Circulation statistics
    • Student Usage statistics
    • Staff usage statistics
    • Library programs

    Provide students access to current electronic and print resources that support learning and curricular demands.

    • Evaluate existing collections
    • Promote existing digital resources
    • Aggressively weed collections
    • Analyze stakeholder surveys to determine areas of strengths and potential growth
    • Seek out grants and funding opportunities in the community


    Create a space where students can meet to collaborate with peers, and where teachers can bring classes to work on projects/learn in different ways

    • Establish a school-wide process for reserving library space, signing in/out (/9/20/16)
    • Communicate library expectations to staff and students (09/06/16)
    • Create spaces for group learning


    Teach/promote digital and print literacies

    • Partner with foundations classes and instructional technology coaches to teach digital / media literacy skills
    • Partner with language arts and humanities teachers to teach digital /media literacy skills
    • Offer library orientations
    • Teach research skills side-by-side with teachers

    Support classroom teachers/curriculum

    • Purchase and make available current print and electronic resources
    • Create LibGuides to support classroom needs