Opportunities for Special Education Families to Connect


    Special Education Family Engagement Events

    Special Education Family Engagement events are planned throughout the school year for families of students with disabilities to connect with other families and resources, and learn additional ways to support their student for increased success.


    Special Education Parent Academy at Txuj Ci Lower Campus

    When: Wednesdays,  October 4, 11, 18, 25 and November 1st from 5:30-8:00 p.m. 

    Where: Txuj Ci Lower Campus, 1089 Cypress Street, St. Paul, MN 55106


    Special Education Advisory Council (SEAC) Meetings

    SEAC meetings are held monthly and are an opportunity for families of students in Special Education to engage with other parents, staff and interested community members. SEAC members provide input on special education issues to the Assistant Superintendent of Specialized Services.  Attending meetings is a way to become more knowledgeable about Special Education, develop relationships with Special Education staff, network with other families and make positive changes for all students. Parents are encouraged to attend any time as a guest or to become a SEAC member. 

    For more:    Call or Text 651-285-7537    Email jackie.kelly@spps.org   

    Go to SEAC Webpages for  additional information

    2023- 24 meeting dates:  Sept 11, Oct 02, Nov 06, Dec 11, Jan 08, Feb 05, March 04, April 01, May 06 and June 03


    SEAC Facebook Group

    SPPS Special Education Advisory Council Facebook Group shares important resources within the disability community. You're invited to join, share and learn what others are thinking. Check it out. Link to: SEAC Facebook Group


    SEAC Chatter 

    Resources from community organizations about resources, upcoming events and opportunities shared via email. Choose to open if the subject line intrigues you, or just delete. Reply if you have something to add. To participate in SEAC Chatter, just email jackie.kelly @spps.org and ask to be added to SEAC Chatter. 


    My SPPS App

    Access important information at your fingertips. Download the My SPPS App on your Smart phone. The My SPPS App has a button, on the second page, that directs you to the Special Education website where you'll find: About Special Education, Contact Information, Programs and Services Resources and more.