• American Indian Magnet School  


    2017-2018 Family Engagement Plan


    Our school offers a district-wide program rooted in American Indian history, culture, art, traditions and values. We welcome students from all backgrounds to learn through American Indian Studies in grades Pre-K through 8. At AIMS, instructors weave Ojibwe and Lakota languages and cultures into academic subjects, making deep connections for our students. Our Book of the Month program has been recognized nationally for integrating literacy instruction with American Indian culture. We also offer the AVID program to grades 6-8. AVID focuses on preparing students with average grades for academic success and college. AIMS also has specialists in Science, Lakota, Ojibwe and physical education. Free after-school programs include Indian Youth Enrichment, Urban 4-H and Extended Day for Learning.


    The Family Engagement Plan (FEP) is organized into four impact areas. We will be working together this year to build positive and goal-oriented relationships in each area. Families and staff at school developed this plan together.


    Welcoming Environment


    Our school has staff member(s) available for families to discuss this plan and ask questions

    ·       Family Liaison: Joshua Fuchs

    ·       Administrative Team: Todd Goggleye, Nate Gibbs

    Our school communicates with families in many ways.

    ·       Our families are informed about school events through our Monday folder system as well as our school website.  This can be found at: aim.spps.org.  We also utilize the Connected system which notifies parents of important events via a phone call.


    ·       When families call or email, every effort is made to return the message within 24 hours.

    The achievement gap, or rather the “opportunity gap,” between students of color and white students in Saint Paul Public Schools is unacceptable. Our school is working to change practices and systems by identifying the barriers that make it harder for students of color to succeed and for their families to support their learning.

    ·       For more about our work on racial equity, contact: Any member of our administrative team consisting of: Todd Goggleye or Nate Gibbs.

    Transitions between schools can be challenging, and we work to help families as their children start and leave our school.


    For new students and families, we support the transition by:

    ·       We welcome new families through a yearly open house as well as independent tours for families shopping for a school.  We also offer Parent Academy, to assist parents with helping their student succeed.


    ·       We offer a PreK program for 4 year old students to prepare them for kindergarten. Language focus of Ojibwe and Lakota are offered.


    For students and families moving to the next school in their pathway, we support the transition by:

    ·       Our eighth grade students attend an orientation at Harding High School in the spring of the year.

    ·       We prepare students for high school and college through the AVID program.


    Family Partnerships


    Our school-parent compact establishes the shared responsibility for student success between the school, families, and students. Families and teachers work together to develop the compact.

    ·       Copies of the compact are available: The compact is explained at conferences. If parent does not attend conferences, the compact is sent home.

    ·       The compact will be updated: 6/2017

    There are many opportunities for families to build connections to the school and to each other.

    ·       Title I Annual Meeting where we will share information about school programs:  Culture fairs – 3 per year


    ·       Monthly PTO, Conferences


    ·       National African American Parent Involvement Day (NAAPID), Hmong New Year luncheon, Cinco De Mayo luncheon, school powwow’s


    ·       Parent teacher home visit project- ATPP

    We work to make these meetings and events available for every family in the school.

    ·       Interpreter for Hmong and Spanish speaking students is onsite and available to families during school hours..


    ·       Food is served during many events.  Transportation is offered during conference times.


    ·       Classroom teachers conduct outreach to parents via classroom newsletters, class website, home visits, and phone calls.

    Our school supports families as advocates and provides opportunities for parent leadership

    Parents are encouraged to discuss concerns with the classroom teacher.  If not resolved, administration and other support staff may become involved to resolve the issue.

    ·       Ongoing building and district professional development is offered throughout the year.


    ·       Families are involved through our PTO, and information collected through surveys.

    Parent Academy provides the foundation of parents’ information and skills for becoming more involved in our school. Parent Academy is a six-week program for families.

    ·       Parent Academy will be held during the 2017-2018 school year. Dates to be determined.


    Teaching and Learning


    Our school shares information about student achievement with families in multiple ways

    ·       Report cards and progress reports will be distributed via conferences or mailings to student homes.


    ·       Parent-Teacher conferences are held in November and March.


    ·       If students in grades K-3 are not reading at grade level the following interventions are available.  Minnesota Reading Corp one-on-one tutoring is available for students in kindergarten through third grade.


    ·       Curriculum Nights: Literacy night: “Gobble up good books.”  “Spring into Math” – April


    ·       Family nights –Culture fairs:  Lakota Culture Fair-December, Ojibwe Culture Fair in February, Movie night-PreK-2-April


    ·       Families can help build reading skills at home by reading nightly to and with their child, reviewing site words, ensuring students complete homework.

    Our school will engage families in Personalized Learning as a key strategy to accelerate student achievement, as these changes come to our school

    ·       Parent Portal is available by contacting: Joshua Fuchs



    Many before- and after-school enrichment and support opportunities are available for students

    After-school programs offer a variety of enrichment, recreation, and academic opportunities for students to explore, develop, and practice their interests and talents in order to better prepare them for life. 

    The program will fuse past after school activities with new enrichment opportunities. The program includes:

    ·       Indian Youth Enrichment Program

    ·       Urban 4H

    ·       Extended Day of Learning

    ·       Big Brothers, Big Sisters



    Community Partnerships


    Our school develops community partnerships to provide additional support for students and their families

    ·       Gibbs Farm, Target, Family Food Boxes, Bruce Vento Nature Center, (Jim Rock), Science Museum, 4-H/Big Urban Woods, Indian Youth Enrichment through the Department of Indian Work


    This plan is available as part of our school’s SCIP, or School Comprehensive Improvement Plan at scip.spps.org, is on our school website at aims.spps.org, and printed copies are available in the office.