Classroom Wishlist

  • Thank you for all the support you give to our classroom and our learning adventures! I appreciate all the help and honestly couldn't do it without you! 


    Please take a look at our class's wish list. Certain supplies are always needed and can be used, while other's are needed for special projects. 

    Classroom Library and French Book Order:

    There are many books that I yearn for each time a book order comes out to add to our classroom library, but unfortunately due to a limited budget, am not able to buy. Books are a teacher's best friend! Any French Picture books or Graphic Novels (Levels 1 and 2) would be a great addition to our classroom! 

    Tools needed at anytime: 

    - Bandaids (for some reason there is a bandaid shortage in St. Paul Public Schools)

    - Glue sticks

    - French books (from Canadian Scholastic book order) -- Level 1 and Level 2

    - "Geimer Green" (lime green - astrobright) printing paper

    - 3M packaging tape (thick tape)

    - 3M painters tape

    - Tempra paints (all colors) 

    - Tempra paints - skin colors for puppets

     Prize Box for Positive Behavior Classroom Rewards:

    Please feel free to send in small trinkets and toys that I can add to our prize box for positive choices for students. Also - one of their options of a reward is a "bonbon" - I am in need of restocking my candy bag. If you are able, please send in some small individually wrapped candy (bite size). 


    Special Project specific Tools:

             ** Puppets:

                    - Colored foam paper (at craft stores) in all colors -- will be puppet feet and hands

                   - Fabric scraps in fun patterns (needs to be at least 8 1/2 x 11) -- will be puppet clothes

                    - Small glue gun sticks

                    - Fabric/tacky glue 

                    - Yarn (in assorted hair colors) -- will be puppet hair

                   - Small water bottles (empty of course) -- will be puppet head 

                   - Skin color paints