Forms, Fees and Regulations

Forms, Fees and Regulations


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    HP Policies/MSHSL Eligibility Form 2017-18


    Physical Exam 2017-18


    MSHSL Brochure 2017-18



     A student/athlete must meet certain criteria in order to be eligible to participate in any interscholastic activities.


    1) A current (within the past 3 years) sports clearance physical (the physical must explicitly state that the student is able to participate in sports.)


    (2) A completed and signed Minnesota State High School League Eligibility Form (MSHSL) AND a Highland Park Athletic Policies form. Forms are available in athletic office/ outside athletic door. or printable version at top of this article.


    (3) Appropriate participation and equipment fees: Activity fees are below.Additional equipment and/or team wear fees may apply


    ($45 for all sports except Nordic Ski- $120, Hockey-$100 ,Football and Golf which are $55. Students on free or reduced lunch pay the $20 equipment fee ( Nordic Ski excluded)


    (4) A student must be academically eligible to participate; having appropriate credits toward graduation requirements.


    All paperwork can be found in our office or outside our door. Please stop by with any questions. Questions specific to individual sports are best answered by emailing the coach of the particular sport. Please call our office @ 651-744-3486. Pat Auran, Athletic Director


    Athletic Regulations

    The Saint Paul City Conference will follow the code of rules and regulations governing athletics as prescribed by the Minnesota State High School League “Official Handbook.” The League permits school districts to make regulations and interpretations deemed advisable to promote a harmonious athletic program within the district. Under this provision the Saint Paul City Conference will adhere to the following regulations in addition to the State regulations. The Saint Paul School Distinct passed ELIGIBILITY RULES for all students who participate in extra-curricular activities. The implementation of this policy is another expression of the District’s commitment to improve the instructional program.


    Athletic Eligibility (District Credit Requirements) Athletic eligibility is determined by the policies of the Minnesota State High School League and St. Paul Public Schools. To maintain eligibility students must be on track for graduation at the beginning of each academic year.

    Through the calendar school year ( with a 7 period day-4 quarter system)

    The following is an example of a 9th grade students requirements: A student must earn

    *4 credits after the 1st quarter

    *Have 9 credits after 2nd quarter

    *Have 14 credits after 3rd quarter

    Note: Summer School and/or the Area Learning Centers may be used to make up credit deficiencies. Students should check with their counselor ahead of time to enroll in these additional opportunities.




    College Freshman Athletic Eligibility Requirements
    NCAA Divisions 1 and 2 institutions have adopted certain academic requirements that must be met before a student can participate in intercollegiate athletics and for the receipt of athletically related financial aid as a freshman. Students entering NCAA Division 1 and 2 institutions as freshman must meet certain requirements. As a junior, contact the school athletic director for specific requirements. Do not wait until later in your high school career.