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  • Resources for Families

    General Health/Nutrition Tips

    • Check out to understand our nutrition guidelines

    • General Nutrition Information for Parents/Guardians: English version; Spanish version

    • Kids Health is a great resource for Parents/Guardians: English version; Spanish version

    • Switching to Healthier Choices: English version; Spanish version

    • Ways to Enhance Children’s Activity & Nutrition: We Can! has plenty of information, click on “Nutrition and Healthy Eating” - Look for Spanish versions of each pdf

    • MyPlate now has an education kit entitled, "Grow it, Try it, Like it!" that features MyPlate and is garden themed

     MyPlate at Home

    • has a web page dedicated to families, with activities, videos and recipes geared to children and their parents. Materials available in multiple languages.

    • This is a handy tool from MyPlate to show you how to easily shop for MyPlate foods on a budget.

    • Cooking from scratch is far healthier than grabbing food-to-go or warming up ready-made microwavable meals. MyPlate provides time-saving cooking tips so you'll have more time to spend with friends and family.


    • Here's a list of snack combos that are not only healthy but filling to boot.

     Healthy Hydration

    • Another part of a healthy diet is to drink enough fluid throughout the day. There’s a lot of buzz about how there’s too much sugar in beverages and this easy to understand fact sheet helps explain the scope of the problem.  This graphic shows just how many sugar cubes are in popular sugar sweetened beverages.

     Youtube Videos

    • Fun MyPlate song from nursing students at Duke UniversityRunning out of creative ideas on how to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into family meals?