Highland Park Lady Scots Tennis

2016 HP Girls' Varsity Tennis

2016 HP Varsity Tennis
  • WELCOME to Girls' Tennis at Highland Park Senior High School!
    **Schedule-scroll down to bottom of page please.
    Practice schedule starting Monday August 28th and rest of school year:
    Varsity 2:20-4:30 on Courts
    JV   2:20-4:30 on courts

    *Practicing with varsity does not guarantee any varsity match playing time.  Also, practicing with Junior varsity does not mean you will not earn a chance to practice and play with varsity as the year moves on.


    Practices Starting Monday August 28th-from this date forward all practices will be from 2:20-4:30 for both varsity and JV.

    Please let me know if you will not be attending any practices or matches so I can plan accordingly!


    2017 Sign-up Information and dates can be found below in the 2017 HP Tennis Brochure.  HP sign-up and sports registration info can be found by following the tabs on the upper righthand side of this page.

    Coach Shaw


    Link to 2017 Varsity Schedule and MSHSL Site Varsity Schedule MSHSL Site





2016 HP JV Girls' Tennis

2015 HP JV Girls' Tennis
  • Questions? Please email

    Coach Shaw:  michael.shaw@ssps.org for more information.



    Recruiting : We are always looking for new girls to join our squad. Please encourage friends and family members to come out and learn how to play an awesome and lifelong sport!

    Head Coach: Michael  Shaw

    JV Coach: Tim Lang



    HP Girls Tennis Fall 2017 Schedule                                                            

    DAY     DATE           TIME               EVENT                  LOCATION           

    MON    8/14/2017     8:00-11:00    OPENING DAY          HP (JV 8:00-10:00)           

    TUE     8/22/2017     4:00 PM         DeLaSalle                HP (JV @ HP after varsity match) Varsity 4-3 win

    THU     8/24/2017     9:00 AM         North                      HP (JV @ North- 9:00) Varsity 5-2 win

    TUE     8/29/2017     3:45 PM          @ SSP                    SSP (JV @ HP 3:45) Varsity 2-5 loss

    THU     8/31/2017     3:15 PM          CENTRAL                HP  Varsity 1-6 Loss

    WED    9/6/2017      3:15 PM          @ HARDING            HARDING (JV @HP 3:15)

    THU     9/7/2017      3:15 PM         @ Humboldt JV         Humboldt-JV MATCH ONLY            

    FRI      9/8/2017      4:00 PM          @ SPA                     SPA (JV @ HP 4:00pm)

    MON    9/11/2017     3:45 PM          Tartan                     HP (JV (14 girls) @ Tartan bus 2:20-rest of JV girls practice 2:20-3:30)

    TUE     9/12/2017     3:15 PM           COMO PARK            HP-varsity only (JV practice 2:20-3:30)

    WED    9/13/2017     3:45 PM          Visitation                 HP C-Squad Match (varsity practice 2:20-4:00)

    THU     9/14/2017     3:30 PM          Minnehaha               HP (JV @ Minnehaha HS 3:30)

    TUE     9/19/2017      4:00 PM          JOHNSON                HP (JV 4:00 TBD)

    WED    9/20/2017      3:15 PM          @ HUMBOLDT          HUM (no JV match. JV Practice 2:20-3:30)

    WED    9/20/2017      3:30 PM          Simley                    HP C-Squad match vs. Simley

    THU     9/21/2017      3:45 PM          Cretin D-Hall            HP C-Squad Match (varsity practice 2:20-4:00)

    MON    9/25/2017      3:45 PM          @ Simley                 Simley (JV @ HP 3:45)

    TUE     9/26/2017      3:15 PM          @ WASHINGTON       WASH (JV @ HP 3:15)

    WED    9/27/2017      4:00 PM         New Life Academy      HP (JV after varsity match)

    WED   10/4/2017       3:15 PM         Nativity Middle           HP C-Squad Match (varsity practice 2:20-4:00)


    NOTE-updates are in shaded colors 

    **C-Squad Matches in Green (8th grade girls plus JV girls informed by coaches)