Description of Committee Roles

  • Here is a brief summary of each of our Groveland PTO Committee Positions. We hope this will help you better understand PTO's role at Groveland and help you better use us as a resource of support for your family. If after reviewing the positions you are drawn to consider taking on one of these rewarding roles or you would simply like to provide some support to a committee please contact the chair of the committee or email

    All of our efforts are made easier by the consistent support of parent volunteers. We need you.


    PTO President - Mangage general operation of PTO, assist in collaborative work and communication between the committees of PTO/FOG, develop monthly meeting agendas with Principal and PTO VP, facilitate monthly PTO meetings and specific school-wide events, promote communication between families, teachers, and school administration.

    PTO Vice President - Attend and take notes at monthly PTO meetings, distributes meeting minutes, meet with Principal and PTO President to plan meeting agendas, help organize and work at specific school events (Open House, Movie Nights, Orientation Night).  The Vice President assumes the role of PTO President for the following school year.

    Fundraising Chair, Groveland's PTO is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. The Fundraising Committee oversees PTO fundraising efforts and works with the school community of parents and staff to determine where those funds are to be allocated.  The Fundraising Chair is responsible for preparing the Fundraising Committee agenda for PTO meetings and is in charge of overseeing all PTO fundraising efforts which raise $40,000 -  $50,000 annually. The Chair presides over the Fundraising Committee meetings and attends PTO Executive Board meetings.  All funds raised are used directly for the school with a vote on the budget at the first annual PTO meeting each year. Fundraising activities include but are not limited to: the Direct Drive, Davanni's pizza night, Box Tops for Education, Scholastic Book Fairs, the Apex Fun Run and more. Fundraising activities and events are voted on at the last PTO meeting of the year.

    Expense Treasurer (Reimbursements) - The Expense Treasurer disburses all money of FOG under the direction of the FOG Chair(s) and members.  S/he also keeps accounts for FOG and prepares proposed budgets.

    Revenue Treasurer (Deposits) - The Revenue Treasurer collects and deposits all moneys of FOG and is a member of the committee.


    Apex Fun Run - Oversee and assist Apex Fun Run leaders in their two week leadership/fitness enrichment and fundraiser at Groveland.  Recruit parent volunteers and decorate school.

    Apex Fun Run Co-Chair - Partner with AFR Chair to help recruit parent volunteers, decorate the school, and oversee/assist Apex Fun Run leaders in their two week leadership/fitness enrichment and fundraiser at Groveland.  

    Book Fair Chair - Work with BF Co-Chair to plan, organize, and work with parent volunteers to host a fun and fast paced event that spans two to three days in the fall and spring to earn money towards the purchase of new books for our library. We are looking for a new chair or co-chair to learn the ropes this year and lead our book fair efforts in 2017-18.

    Book Fair  Co-Chair - Shares in the duties  of BF Chair.

    Box Tops - Organizes and promotes  the  collection of General Mills Box Tops school-wide. Sends baggies home with each students, so they can collect box tops until the fun contest and collection which takes place in  January.

    Communications Coordinator - Assist with the overall communication and information dissemination of FOG related business.

    Carnival Chair - The Groveland Carnival is a fun event for the whole familiy and helps to raise money for needed key enrichment activities for our students. The Chair plans and organizes the food, & games, volunteers, sponsorship and donations, as well as communicating with the Groveland community to ensure the event is well attended.  

    Carnival Co-Chair - This role collaborates directly with the Carnival Chair and assumes the Chair role the following year.

    Direct Drive - Write annual direct drive fundraising letter and organize the production and disbursement  to the school community.  Track the funds raised  and thank donors.

    Grant Writing - Work with teachers and volunteer parents to research and apply for grants to secure the possible funding of initiatives that focus on academics, arts, community building, and diversity representation and inclusion for our school.

    Spirit Wear - Coordinate Groveland gear so the  whole school may  show off their panda pride.  Work with the vendor, organize order details, and distribute order forms or post online, and collaborate with staff to set up delivery details for Groveland Park spirit wear.


    Classroom Villages (CV) Chair - Organize and provide support for PTO community engagement initiatives. The CV starts with volunteers in each classroom whose focus is on building community and fostering communication between parents and the teacher of that classroom. These volunteers are called Classroom Village Coordinators (CVCs). The Chair works with the Co-Chair to recruit and support CVCs throughout the year. The Chair helps plan and facilitate school-wide CV events.

    Classroom Villages (CV)  Co-Chair - Assists the CV Chair in providing support during the school year to the CVCs of each classroom. Assist in the planning and facilitating of school-wide CV events.

    Classroom Village Coordinator (CVC)  Volunteers in each classroom focus on supporting the teacher by facilitating communication between parents and families. CVCs also build community by planning CV activities for their child’s classroom, for all classrooms at their child’s grade level, and/or the whole school. Math Game Night, School Grounds Clean-Up, and Ice Skating Parties are some examples of CV events. To volunteer email  

    Equity & Inclusion Chair - Plan and facilitate regular meetings to support Groveland multicultural communities (Hmong, Somali, African American, Native American, Irish, Mexican, other). Promote and engage in efforts to support early literacy and math for struggling students and advocate for and plan  enrichment activities that highlight Saint Paul's multicultural communities.

    Equity & Inclusion Chair Co-Chair - Shares in the duties of the DIG Chair.

    Facebook - Post Groveland related information on Groveland Park Community School Facebook page. Person to contact if you wish to post information to Groveland’s FB page.

    Family Involvement Day - Plan and support activities and invite guest artists  representative of African History/Culture for Nation African American Family Involvement Day usually scheduled for early February.

    Garden Committee Chair  - Facilitate activities that help maintain Grovelands green space. Gather volunteers multiple times throughout the year at spring clean-up, 2nd grade planting, and schedule volunteer families to water and weed school's gardens in the summer.

    Garden Committee Co-Chair - Collaborate with GC Chair in maintaining Groveland’s green space.

    Library Coverage - Organize volunteer support for Groveland’s Assistant Librarian. Volunteers may  help students find and check out books, shelve books, and read to classes in the library.

    Lost and Found -  Organize the Lost and Found Cabinet located in west stairwell of building.  Display overflow winter items in main hall, and donate unclaimed items after appropriate period of time.

    Lunch Buddies - Join your child for lunch.  Bring your own lunch or buy a hot lunch. Sign up at

    Lunchroom Coverage -  Organize volunteer support for lunchtime supervision of students.

    Marketing - Help to generates an overall marketing strategy for PTO/FOG.

    No Cuts to Kids District Group - Parent Representative - Join with other parents and SPPS community members for advocating for all kids at the district-wide level.  Attend School Board meetings, participate on work group committees, and collaborate with other parent groups in the district. Share information on NCTK activities at Groveland PTO meetings.

    Parent Reading Coordinator (K-5) - This role requires coordinating with teachers and library staff regarding space and scheduling, working with 1st and 2nd grade teachers to coordinate target students for the program, and working with the community to welcome volunteers to support our young readers.  Supporting both students and volunteers through district training opportunities, general reading support and  recommendations as well as general supplies needed for student success.

    PTO Family Directory - Collect and maintain family contact information through the MySchoolAnywhere database platform. Lead the effort to get families enrolled and manage and coordinate emails to be distributed to school lists. Produce and distribute hard copy of directory to all families. Since the district is not allowed to share its family data the PTO creates the directory in order for families to connect with each other and get out important information about School/District/PTO/FOG news and events.

    This chair encourage families to sign up and update their directory information at  enter code: groveland

    Talent Show/Open Mic Night Chair - Organize and lead a committee to plan and host a Talent Show or an Open Mic Night for our students.

    Teacher Appreciation Week: Show our staff members how much we value their commitment. The bulk of this committee is done during Teacher Appreciation Week in May. Plan Appreciation Breakfast Treats for Teachers on Teacher Appreciation Day.

    Volunteer Coordinator -  Solicit and organize volunteer support for school-wide events through the use of email and the use of online volunteer sign up sites like May assist parent volunteers in learning to use online volunteer sign up sites.

    Website - Update and manage layout and information  of PTO content on the Groveland website.

    Yearbook - Photograph school-wide events and classroom activities throughout the year and work with volunteer committee of teachers and parents to assemble and distribute yearbook.