Groveland's Premier Fundraising Event of the Year

  • Celebrate Groveland

    A special thanks to all those made Celebrate Groveland such a success.

    If you were not able to attend the event you can still participate in the fun.  
    Groveland Gatherings are available for purchase at
    You can sign up for an event by registering as a user and then choosing to buy a spot at the Groveland Gathering of your choice.  
    You can also sign up for gatherings by contacting Justi Leroe @ .  
    The number of attendees is limited for each gathering so sign-up quickly.
    Some upcoming gatherings are:
    December 11th:  4th Grade Ninja Warrior Gathering   Hosted by Kim and Jeff Olson
    December 15th:  Pre-K and Kindergarten Gathering  Drive IN crafting   Hosted by Pre-K and Kindergarten Teachers
    January 7th:  Kindergarten Parent Social (adult only) hosted by kindergarten parents:  Roopali Phadke & Michael Arquin, Kathryn Wegner & Will Cavert, Marguerite Zauner & Scott Halverson
    January 7th:  3rd Grade Bowling Party  Hosted by:  Emily Peterson, Emily Kahnert, Meghan Keller
    January 13th:  Somali Culture 101 Guided Tour! Hosted by Atunah-Jay Family
    January 15th: Pokemon Card Trading Party (3rd - 5th grade students) Hosted by Kate and Peter Ostrem
    January 20th:  Adult Happy Hour  Hosted by Ben and Neha Lang & Sarah and Bill Lightner
    January 20th:  4th Grade Bowl-a-rama  Hosted by:  Mary Maltese & Jorge Granja, Kim & Jeff Olson, Jen & Matt Lodahl, Amy Sullivan and Vinnie Ricker
    January 21st:  2nd graders Learn to make chinese dumplings  Hosted by Julie and David Nagel
    January 21st:  1st Grade Bowling Party  Hosted by 1st grade families:  Kirsten Anderson, Phyllis Brashler, Melissa Claar, Elizabeth Lake, Megan Montgomery
    February 4th: Wine Tasting with Bill Ward, Wine columnist @ Star Tribune (Adult Only) Hosted by Ray & Carrie Faust
    February 10th: American Indian Pow Wow Hosted by The Atunah-Jay family

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    Plan and Register your Groveland Gathering (It is not too late.)