Plan a Groveland Gathering

  • Plan a Groveland Gathering 

    (Build community and raise funds for Groveland)

    Groveland Gatherings are events, parties, outings or other gatherings of people. Gatherings are hosted by families and teachers. Some gatherings are just for kids, some just for grown ups, and some for whole families. Hosts provide the organization, and supplies/ funding (if any are needed). The PTO fundraising group will sell tickets for your event on our Auction Website and at Celebrate Groveland. The idea behind Groveland Gatherings is to have fun, get connected to other people in our school community and raise money for the school.

    Past Gatherings have included:
    Play groups on the playground, soccer and kickball games, pub crawls, sledding and skating, pool parties, craft nights, bike rides, grill outs, trips to the Science Museum, hikes at a nature center and many many more.

    What do you like to do? Turn that into a Gathering!

    To register your Groveland Gathering please follow link below: