Chinese Department

  • WELCOME to the Chinese Department at Highland Park Senior High School!

    The Chinese Language and Culture program offers a seven-year sequence in modern Chinese (Mandarin) from middle through senior high. In a rapidly shrinking world, understanding more than one world language assumes a greater significance; this outstanding Highland Park program offers a unique opportunity for students to prepare for changing world conditions and increased language requirements in colleges. The Chinese culture is an integral part of the program.

    The curriculum and teaching materials are especially designed to meet the needs of secondary school students. Student interest is encouraged by a variety of activities including field trips, visiting speakers and cultural presentations. Juniors and seniors in the Chinese program may take advantage of the “College in the Schools” program and earn up to twelve college credits. Chinese is also part of the IB program. Chinese level 4 and higher students have the option of taking the IB exam.

    Chinese Immersion 9, Chinese Immersion 10 and Chinese Immersion 11 are being offered in the 2018-2019 school.  Chinese Immersion 12 is planned for next year. These courses will build on the unique language abilities of immersion students at this level, challenging and growing their language proficiency and exposing them to more and more of the 5,000 years of rich Chinese literature, art, traditions and culture of our world neighbors.