• Afterschool

    Saint Paul Public School's Community Education, Alternative Education & Athletic Departments are proud to provide high quality afterschool program for all our Middle School age youth that focus on preparing youth for life. Funding is provided in part by the Federal government through the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and is administered by the Minnesota Department of Education.

    Funding allows us to provide free after school programs at middle schools across the District. We offer a variety of academic, enrichment and athletic programs that support students' needs during out-of-school time, both academically, physically and socially. In partnership with numerous community organizations, programs provide students and their families with the opportunity to access activities that include

    • Math, science, technology & engineering
    • Sports, fitness and nutrition
    • Culture
    • Leadership and Community Engagement
    • Tutoring and homework help
    • Visual and performing arts
    • Instrumental music
    • Special events
    • Career exploration
    • Highschool readiness

    Program Evaluation Information

    Flipside After School continually works to improve the program quality and experience for students through regular evaluation. By enrolling in this program, your child will participate in program evaluation activities such as surveys. For detailed information, please see the Flipside Data Privacy Notice. Surveys are also available for review below.

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    Opt OUT of Program Evaluation
    If you do not give permission for your child to participate in evaluation activities, please sign and return Flipside Program Data Privacy Notice to your child's school office or email to flipside@spps.org (additional translations below).

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    Student Survey for program evaluation

    Survey of Academic Youth Outcomes ENGLISH (survey for youth in grades 4-9)


    Saint Paul Public Schools loses grant funding for afterschool programs.

    Saint Paul Public Schools submitted an application for a 21st Century Community Learning Center Cohort 8 grant on April 19, 2019 with the Minnesota Department of Education. We are sadden to announce to our supporters that we did not receive a Cohort 8 grant award.  This means that afterschool funding will be significantly reduced at the following sites:  Battle Creek Middle, Hazel Park Preparatory, Highland Park Middle, Global Arts Plus, Parkway Montessori. We are working to support the program with existing District funds and will work to restore grant funding for the future. If you have any questions or would like to get involved in restoring funding, please call Deb Campobasso, Program Manager at 651-325-2688. 

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