history day
  • The theme in History Day this year is Taking a Stand in History.

    Students must link their project to Taking a Stand in History.

    To understand the historical importance of your topics, you must ask questions of time and place, cause and effect, change over time, impact and significance. You must ask questions about why events happened and what impact the events had? What factors contributed to a revolution? Why was there a need to reform at the particular time? Why did this event cause a reaction?

    Regardless of the topic selected, you must do more than describe what happened. You must draw conclusions, basing your opinion on evidence, about how the topic affected individuals, communities, nations and the world.

    Please keep checking back as we will add more links and information.

    Use the web links on the right side of this page to help you research your History Day project. History Day forms are also available below if you need new ones.