Jie Ming Mandarin Immersion (formerly Homecroft/RiverEas) - Facilities Information

RiverEast Elementary and Secondary

Maintenance and Custodial

  • Custodial Contact Information:

    Phone: 651-744-4871

    Email: jieming.custodial@spps.org

    Grounds Management Responsible Parties:

    Building Entries, Steps, Sidewalks: Custodial

    Bus Loading/Unloading: Parks and Rec

    City Sidewalk: Parks and Rec

    Parking Lot: Parks and Rec

    Loading Dock/Service Area: Custodial/Parks and Rec 

    Large Grass Areas: Parks and Rec

    Trimming/Walk Behind Mower: Custodial

    Litter and Trash Pickup: Parks and Rec

    Outdoor Trash Barrels in Fields and Play Area: Parks and Rec

    School Garden Upkeep: School/Parent Group

    Hard surface/Play Areas: N/A



  • Homecroft School underwent remodeling to prepare for the relocation of Jie Ming Mandarin Immersion Academy in fall 2018. The building's main entry was remodeled to both reflect Jie Ming's cultural focus and to ensure current security best practices. 

    RiverEast School was relocated over the summer of 2018 from the Homecroft building to a new building at 1055 Mackubin Street; the new RiverEast school opened in September for the 2018-19 school year; see more information on the RiverEast relocation - project website.

    Background on the Facilities Master Plan.