Minnesota Certificate and Seals of Bilingualism

  • Minnesota Certificates and Seals of Bilingualism recognize students – both native speakers and non-native speakers – who demonstrate proficiency in speaking, listening, reading and writing in a world language, which can lead to college credit from Minnesota State Colleges and Universities.

    Three Levels of Awards:

    1. World Language Proficiency Certificate – ACTFL Intermediate Low
    2. Gold Bilingual (or Multilingual) Seal – ACTFL Intermediate High
    3. Platinum Bilingual (or Multilingual) Seal – ACTFL Advanced Low and up


    Minnesota State Colleges and Universities are Required by Law to Award Credits:

    Certificates, Seals ACTFL Proficiency Level Credits
    World languages proficiency certificate Intermediate-low 2 semesters
    Gold bilingual or multilingual seal Intermediate-high 3 semesters per language
    Platinum bilingual or multilingual seal Advanced-low 4 semesters per language


    Students with Qualifying Test Scores at the Time of Graduation:

    • Awards will be given at graduation time based on test scores available at that time
    • SPPS will post Certificates and Seals to transcripts at that time


    After Graduation:

    • Since AP and IB scores from spring testing arrive after graduation (in the summer), Certificates and Seals will be awarded and mailed retroactively to graduates.
    • SPPS will post Certificates and Seals to transcripts at that time.



    • In 2014, Minnesota created a law to award high school students’ proficiency in two or more languages, establishing Certificates and Seals of Bilingualism.
    • In 2015, the law was amended. Awards in Minnesota are now based on the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Levels of Proficiency.