Section 504

  • What is Section 504?

    Section 504 is a part of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.  This federal law protects the rights of individuals with disabilities and Section 504 directly protects students.  An Individual Accommodation Plan (AIP) is a legal document that identifies accommodations to allow students eligible for Section 504 equal access to educational instruction and activities.  To be eligible to receive accommodations through Section 504, a student must have a physical or mental disability which substantially limits a major life activity. 

    An Individual Accommodation Plan is developed for the specific needs of individual students and reviewed annually. Areas addressed in an AIP may include assignments/homework, instructional materials, instructional methods, testing, organization, physical environment, social/emotional/behavior needs, health, diabetes and anaphylaxis.

    The team for each student will vary based on individual need.  A team will always include the parent(s)/guardian(s) and may include a school administrator, teacher, nurse, social worker or counselor, and other school staff.


    The Section 504 Process

    Referral: A parent/guardian, teacher, school staff member contacts the 504 Coordinator.

    Assessment: The 504 team at the student’s school collects information (i.e. medical documentation) and completes an evaluation.

    Eligibility: A decision is made by the team regarding eligibility.  If a student does not qualify other options are discussed.


    504 Team at Farnsworth

    Hamilton Bell, Principal

    Feven Kiflai, Nurse 

    Sara Lovat, School Social Worker

    Gene Ward, Assistant Principal

    Classroom Teachers




    If you have questions about the 504 process or about an existing 504 Plan, please contact Ms. Lovat at 651-793-7334 or Ms. Kiflai at 651-293-8880.

    Feven Kiflai and Sara Lovat, 504 Co-cordinators