Aerospace and Engineering at Farnsworth

  • All students participate in Aerospace and Engineering Enrichment Classes for ten days four times a year. The content of their classes. is based on the Science Standards and involves using technology and "hands on" experiences. Students use engineering skills and NASA STEM materials for projects.  Students work in teams and individually to define a problem, do research, build a model, test and collect data. They may change their model test again, and then they present their final results. Excitement is very evident when building and testing rockets, and spacecraft. Kindergarten students learn about the planets and other objects in space . They are always fascinated when they learn about robots. First graders learn about the moon and they build a structure that is tested for strength using engineering skills. Second graders learn about the sun and stars and they simulate a model for landing a spacecraft. Third graders are always very exited to research, plan, design and test their model that will address space trash. Fourth graders enjoy an engineering problem where they work as a team to design a spacecraft that will keep an astronaut safe when landing. All students learn about Aeronautics and they create and test models of different aircraft. All students also experiment with payload packaging and life on the ISS. These are just a few of the space and engineering work that students at Farnsworth enjoy. Aerospace Class involves many different disciplines where students use their imagination and creativity to solve problems. These are skills that all students will need to use in the future. Aerospace is constantly changing and our students will be those who can contribute to the future. I enjoy working with the students, their excitement is contagious!