• Chinese Immersion

    The Chinese Language and Culture program at Highland offers a rigiorous and engaging instruction in modern Chinese (Mandarin) at Highland Park Senior High School. This outstanding immersion program offers a unique opportunity for students to prepare for changing world conditions and increased language requirements in colleges. Chinese culture is an integral part of the program. Juniors and seniors studying Chinese may take advantage of the “College in the Schools” program and earn up to twelve college credits. Chinese is also part of the IB program. Chinese level 4 and higher students have the option of taking the IB exam. In 2015, St. Paul Public Schools’ Chinese programs were recognized as a Confucius Classroom by China’s National Office for Teaching Chinese (Hanban), establishing a partnership with the Confucius Institute of the University of Minnesota.

     Chinese Immersion 9 - IB Prep will continue to develop students’ Chinese language competencies in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, writing and critical literacy skills. Short stories, poetry, idioms, novels and current events will be the focus. Authentic materials covering a wide range of topics, such as history, geography, and the cultures of the many peoples of China will also be included. Students will be expected to complete reading and writing assignments outside of class; give oral presentations and perform other speaking tasks throughout the year. This course is taught entirely in Chinese.

    Chinese Immersion 9 has been implemented for 2016-2017 our students from Yinghua are thriving in our Chinese Immersion Program and taking advantage of the rigorious teaching of the International Baccalaureate Program. They have transitioned well into high school, remain strongly connected with their Yinghua classmates and are enjoying the rich connections with their Highland classmates and the staff.  Chinese Immersion 10, Chinese Immersion 11 and Chinese Immersion 12 are planned for subsequent years. These courses will build on the unique language abilities of immersion students at this level, challenging and growing their language proficiency and exposing them to 5,000 years of rich Chinese literature, art, traditions and culture of our world neighbors.

    Yinghua students and parents ineterested in attending Highland Park  Senior High School should contact the SPPS Student Placement Center at 651-632-3760 or SPPS Student Placement Center.  If you are interested in a tour or having your student shadow please contact Kimberly Sabo at 651-744-38940 or kimberly.sabo@spps.org.

  • Chinese Immersion Course Descriptions

    Chinese Immersion 9 - This course is designed to interest and challenge immersion students who wish to develop a greater degree of proficiency in the Chinese language while learning more about the world of the Chinese people. The basic elements of grammar are reviewed, refined, and practiced as students examine the world of today and yesterday through cultural units of study. Compositions, written responses, and oral reports are assigned to enhance literacy skills and to develop mastery of the concepts studied. During the course of the year, the student will explore a variety of media from Chinese publications to learn more about these resources. Classical and popular music, and literary texts will also be explored. Lectures and discussions are in Chinese - with the student playing a much more central role than in earlier levels.

    Quarter 1       History of China

    Quarter 2       Chinese Festivals and Customs

    Quarter 3       Geography of China

    Quarter 4       Chinese Food


    Chinese Immersion 10 - This course will further challenge Chinese immersion students in the Chinese language. Elements of grammar will be reviewed and refined through topics as they are explored. Written compositions, book reviews, listening and responding to news programs, and debate are some of the aspects of the class which has been designed to enhance students' analytical and communication skills at an increasingly higher level. Students will be required to do research using resources in Chinese: books, film, television, videos, radio broadcasts, newspapers, magazine articles, etc., and present their findings in a variety of ways. The class is taught entirely in Chinese and all class work – both written and spoken - is to be only in Chinese.

    Quarter 1       Chinese Children’s Literature

    Quarter 2       Customs and Traditions of China

    Quarter 3       Current Events and Issues of China

    Quarter 4       Religions, Philosophy and Beliefs of China