Survey Results

  • Saint Paul Public Schools and its search firm, Ray and Associates, conducted a survey from Dec. 15, 2016 to Jan. 23, 2017. The survey was available online and available at four community meetings.

    Respondents were asked to identify the top 10 qualities they feel are important in the next superintendent.

    The feedback will be used in two ways and will be included in a Superintendent Profile:

    • To identify the top qualities the community is looking for in a new superintendent to assist in recruitment of candidates.
    • To inform the school board and influence their decision on finalists and, ultimately, the new superintendent.


    Top 10 Qualities Identified by the Community (out of 31 options):

    • Demonstrates a deep understanding of racial equity and how it impacts teaching practices and student learning.

    • Is a strong communicator: speaking, listening and writing.

    • Is willing to consider different perspectives before making decisions.

    • Is strongly committed to putting students first in all decisions.

    • Demonstrates the ability to enhance student performance and narrow achievement gaps between student groups.

    • Demonstrates a commitment to the community by working with a broad range of community groups and organizations.

    • Demonstrates ability to engage families and increase involvement in their child’s education.

    • Has knowledge of emerging research and best practices in curriculum and instruction.

    • Can make challenging decisions that may not be popular with everyone.

    • Has experience in the management of district resources and knowledge of budget procedures.



    Click here for the full survey results. The Raw Scores Sheet (page 1) separates each category of respondent (students, classroom teachers, etc.), with numbers of responses marked as “Raw” and “Rank.”

    • Raw numbers show how many times each question was selected. 
    • Rank shows the frequency of answers for each respondent category.

    The Consultant Ranking/Recommendation Sheet (page 2) shows recommendations from Ray and Associates (the search firm). The recommendations are based on a weighted scale that allows all respondent categories to be accurately represented regardless of response rate.

    According to Ray and Associates:
    Each of the thirty-one items are totaled according to rank from left to right and those numbers are indicated in the column labeled “Total.” These totals are then ranked and reported in the column labeled “Combined Ranking.” Note that the lower the total, the higher the ranking.

    In analyzing the results, Ray and Associates look for the characteristics chosen most in common by the various groups and indicate those as “Recommend” or those worthy to "Consider." On some occasions, two of the items may be combined when they are closely related in context. Those items that seem to be important to some groups but not to others may be used in the recruitment of candidates and for questions during the interview process by the Board.