Community Meeting Feedback Process

  • Saint Paul Public Schools held four community meetings in December 2016 and January 2017 to gather feedback from the community about what it wants in the next superintendent. Another meeting included all members of the district’s various Parent Advisory Councils.

    The meetings included:

    • Dec. 8: All PAC (Parent Advisory Council) Meeting
    • Dec. 15: Washington Technology
    • Jan. 11: Central High School
    • Jan. 17: Harding High School
    • Jan. 21: Humboldt High School

    Invitations to the meetings were sent to families, staff and the community by phone calls, emails, social media and website updates. Approximately 200 people participated in the four community meetings and the Parent Advisory Council meeting.

    Each community meeting included a short introduction by a member of the school board and design team followed by smaller group discussions of 10-12 people. A facilitator led the discussion and asked each participant four questions.

    1. What qualities of a superintendent are most important to you?
    2. What types of experience are important to you for the new superintendent?
    3. What are your greatest concerns about SPPS education and why?
    4. What do you think is working well in SPPS?

    The facilitators took notes for each response and then identified themes from their group for each of the questions. Themes were created if multiple people in the group voiced the same information or stated items with great conviction.

    This community engagement plan was created with the assistance of a “design team” made up of parents, students, teachers, Board members, community members, SPPS administrators, and staff. It includes the following components:

    • Community meetings 
    • Feedback sessions (requested by any group or organization)
    • Two surveys (one conducted by Ray & Associates to inform the development of the search firm’s superintendent profile and one conducted by the design team to help inform the Board on their choices for superintendent finalists)
    • Community forums to meet the finalists, tentatively scheduled for March