Montessori Resources for Families

  • Here are some resources you may wish to use as you continue your Montessori journey. I am always more than happy to visith with you about the philosophy and how you can incorporate it into your home routines.

    • Join the MN Montessori Network and stay current with all the happenings regarding Montessori in Minnesota. There is no cost to join this organization. 
    • Visit the American Montessori Society website to find parent and family resources.
    • Become involved with the Montessori Public Policy Initiative.
    • Sign-up (free!) to receive weekly news from Montessori Public
    • Tomorrow's Child magazine, a publication of the Montessori Foundation, is a quarterly magazine published with parents and families in mind.
    • There are a number of blogs and Facebook groups you can join if you are interested in learning more about Montessori or if you want to connect with other Montessori parents. Just ask me and I'd be happy to share.
    • Refer to the handouts that were shared at the beginning of the school year. Please let me know if you would like another copy.


    There are a number of books written by Dr. Maria Montessori herself and others. Below is a list of books I have recommended to families over the years. 

    Montessori Madness! by Trevor Eisler

    Montessori From the Start: The Child at Home, from Birth to Age Three by Paula Polk Lillard

    Montessori Today: A Comprehensive Approach to Education from Birth to Adulthood by Paula Polk Lillard

    Montessori Parenting: Unveiling the Authentic Self by Dr. Jim and Sonnie McFarland

    Understanding Montessori: A Guide for Parents by Maren Schmidt