• Humboldt High School Compact


    As a Humboldt Staff Member, I promise to:

    • Maintain high standards in meeting needs of students.
    • Communicate with parents and students on a regular basis.
    • Encourage students to do their best daily.
    • Come prepared to meet each day’s challenges.
    • Foster feedback from students.
    • Provide a save environment for learning.


    As the parent of a Humboldt student I promise to:

    • Encourage my child to do his/her best by making it to school on time.
    • Encourage my child to complete homework and hand it in on time.
    • Communicate and work with teachers and school staff by making use of e-mail, voice mail, writing notes.
    • Encourage my child to obey school rules.
    • Encourage my child to have all the required materials and be ready for class.
    • Attend Parent Teacher conferences, and other school events.
    • Encourage my child to participate in extracurricular events and activities.


    As a Humboldt student, I promise to:

    • Come to school with a positive attitude, ready to learn.
    • Be on time.
    • Come to school with materials needed and assignments completed.
    • Obey school rules and make responsible choices.
    • Participate actively.
    • Communicate with teachers.
    • Respect myself, students, staff members, and parents.



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