Permit Categories

  • Permit holders shall be classified into one of the five categories listed below:

    Category I

    Saint Paul Public Schools District PreK-12 and Adult programs, including Athletics and Community Education

    1. Saint Paul Public Schools District Activities must meet at least one of the following criteria:

         1.1   Early childhood through grade 12 and adult literacy activities of District’s approved and budgeted educational program.

         1.2   All parent/community activities that are a part of the general education program (including monthly PTA/PTO and/or site based council meetings).

         1.3   Conferences related to students, such as parent/teacher, social agency or counselor conferences.

         1.4   School-approved student extra-curricular activities including interscholastic athletics, school dances, plays, concerts, etc.

         1.5   St Paul Public School Alumni Class Reunions.

         1.6   Public health functions (i.e., inoculations).

         1.7   School-sponsored fundraising activities supporting school-related functions in which all proceeds after expenses (not a portion/percentage) goes to the school or District.

         1.8   Political caucuses and elections.

         1.9   Activity is sponsored or supported by Community Education and is part of the published Community Education catalog (if not published, must be approved by Director of Community Education) and is in accordance with the following requirements:

                 1.9.1   Activity provides direct benefits to residents of Saint Paul

                 1.9.2   Activity has an open enrollment policy

    Limitations: Activities may be subject to administrative restrictions in terms of frequency, location, or hours based upon budgetary considerations. School activities occurring outside regular building operating hours must cover custodial and/or grounds staffing costs.

    Category II

    The City of Saint Paul, including Parks & Recreation, Non Profits, Community groups/organizations and religious organizations.

    1. Must meet all of the following criteria

         1.1   Seventy-five (75) percent or more of participants are Saint Paul residents.

         1.2   Fees are not profit motivated (must provide proof of 501(c)(3) or other non-profit status).

         1.3   Activity does not involve more than a minimal charge for participation

      AND must meet one of the following criteria:

    2. Groups administered or funded directly by City, County, State or Federal governments, including public meetings and hearings.

    3. All departments of:

         3.1   The City of Saint Paul

         3.2   State of Minnesota

         3.3   Ramsey County, including

         3.4   District Planning Councils

    4. Public education classes sponsored by State of Minnesota Colleges and Universities

    5. Educational courses conducted by all state institutions, including courses for which tuition is charged (must occur during regular building operating hours).

    6. Non-profit organizations which are either:

         6.1  Registered with the Secretary of State as a non-profit group

         6.2   Saint Paul youth service organizations whose fees/activities are not profit motivated (e.g. Scouts, Camp Fire, Boys and Girls Clubs, Junior Achievement)

    7. Approved educational service groups for District students, as determined by the Office of Family Engagement & Community Partnerships.

    Category III

    All for-profit organizations, private functions, political organizations or functions not meeting the criteria of Category I or Category II use.

    Category IV

    1. For-profit organizations/individuals.

    2. Groups using school facilities wherein profits are generated through admission charges or sale of materials.

          2.1 This includes school-related fundraising activities not meeting the criteria for Category I

          2.2 Activities for which admission will be charged

          2.3 Activities which will include sale of goods

          2.4 Activities in which there will be “free will offering” or collections taken.

    Category V

    Any other request for permit clearly not fitting the criteria of Categories I, II, III or IV. The Permit Office will negotiate fees for Category V use.