Permit Categories

  • Permit holders shall be classified into one of the four categories listed below:


    Category I

    1. This category includes activities that meet at least one of the following criteria:

    1. All District activities including those considered District sponsored events. 
    2. All parent/community activities that are a part of the general education program (including monthly PTA/PTO and/or site based council meetings).
    3. Saint Paul Public School alumni class reunions. 
    4. Public health functions (e.g., inoculations).
    5. Political caucuses and elections.

    2. Limitation

    1. Activities may be subject to administrative restrictions in terms of frequency, location, or hours based upon budgetary considerations.   

    Category II

    1. Nonprofit, community-based organizations including:

    1. Groups administered or funded by City, County, State, or Federal governments. 
    2. Registered nonprofit organizations (must provide proof of 501(c)(3) or other nonprofit status). 

    Category III

    1. Individuals.

    2. Private organizations. 

    3. For-profit organizations. 

    Category IV

    1. Other for-profit organizations generating profits.

    2. Other permit requests not clearly fitting the criteria of Categories I, II, or III.