• SPPS spaces will be available to permit according to the following schedule:


    • April 14th: Youth activities only, indoor and outdoors
    • May 1st: Other permits may resume outdoors only
    • June 11th: Other permits may resume indoors


    All activities require a Permit Request Form to be completed. Any group wishing to permit space must submit a COVID-19 preparedness plan to the Permits Office and agree to the COVID-19 guidelines provided (see attachment).


  • The following outlines the space fees for renting facilities, related equipment, and personnel.

    Space fees coincide with these Permit Categories I-IV.

    *SPPS Stadiums may only be permitted for athletic events only. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    **Parking lot fees are charged only when no other building or grounds space is permitted.  

Permit Space Fees

  • Permit Space Fees

Permit Equipment Fees

  • Permit Equipment Fees

Permit Personnel Fees

  • Permit Personnel Fees