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    NOTICE: Our OTL site is currently under construction so if you do not find what you are looking for, please check the content sites for content information or check back soon!

    The Office of Teaching and Learning is responsible for supporting a standards based, aligned curriculum for Saint Paul Public Schools. OTL is responsible for providing high quality professional development that is differentiated for the needs of schools and individuals. This work is designed in such a way so as to build instructional leadership capacity within schools. 

    The following departments make up the of Office of Teaching and Learning :


    • Arts (Music, Visual & Media Arts, Dance, Theatre)
    • AVID
    • Belwin Outdoor Science
    • Como Planetarium
    • Course & Credit Alignment
    • Health & Physical Education
    • Indigenous & World Languages
    • Literacy (Elementary & Secondary)
    • Math (Elementary & Secondary)
    • Mentoring
    • Peer Assistance & Review (PAR)
    • Science (Elementary & Secondary)
    • Social Studies (Elementary & Secondary)
    • Talent Development and Accelerated Services (TDAS)
    • Teacher Development and Evaluation (TD&E)




    • Respond to staff needs regarding the work of OTL, SPPS Initiatives & Partnerships.
    • Collaborate with district departments and teacher leaders to provide foundational, connected, focused, and targeted professional development.
    • Facilitate monthly content leads’ directly and indirectly to build site capacity through a train-the-trainer model  and support SCIP goal achievement.
    • Provide a variety of professional development options including daytime, after school, Saturday, face-to-face, blended, online, and practicum-based sessions.
    • Emphasize evidence-based instructional practices and pedagogy including unwrapping, sequencing, and progress monitoring of standards to inform unit and lesson planning.
    • Promote and support teacher leadership.


    • Respond to administrator needs regarding the work of OTL, SPPS Initiatives & Partnerships.
    • Provide targeted support to identified schools.
    • Collaborate with school improvement & vertical teams to support building leadership teams toward achieving their building SCIP goals.
    • Provide specialized professional development sessions focused on content coaching, teacher leadership, and instructional leadership.


    • Respond to district leaders’ needs regarding the work of OTL, SPPS Initiatives & Partnerships.
    • Provide research and evidence-based curriculum, resources and instructional practices that lead to the elimination of the racial predictability of our students’ academic and social success as the WHY.
    • Support, model and promote personalized learning as the HOW.
    • Align curriculum to assure students are college and career ready as the WHAT.


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