Course Request and Syllabus Submission

  • The district course request/syllabus form is now online.

    The process for requesting a course number for a new course has two parts.  Once all components have been submitted and approved, the turn around time for a course number is two weeks.  

    • Complete the Request a Course Number for a New Course form
    • Submit a district-level syllabus for the new course

    Content Leads have three choices when looking at a new course: 

    1. They may approve the course as is or with minor suggested changes on the syllabus.  When approved, a new course number will be rolled out for the next availble grading period (based on deadlines outlined below).
    2. They may deny the course.  If this happens, a course number will not be issued.
    3. They may approve the course on a probationary basis.  This is a new option.  If a course is approved on probation, the teacher(s) teaching the course must agree to a number of data-collection and information-sharing components.  Then, at the end of the year (or course) the Content Lead will decide whether to 'tenure' the course or remove it from the course database.  Please see the sidebar to check out the requirements.

    Before you begin: 

    • You must be signed in to your SPPS Apps account!  This link will not work for you if you are not logged in to your account.  Your SPPS Apps account uses this email address: (no password for SPPS Apps) and you sign on with your Active Directory username and password.
    • Please review the resource links on the side bar.  They contain helpful information to guide you throughout the process.
    • Once you start a form you must complete the form.  You are not able to save a form to come back and finish it later.  


    Click here to access the electronic course request and syllabus form.

    Please contact Kristy Whalen, (651-744-1324) Program Assistant, if you have any questions.