Department Websites Overview

  • Part 2: Creating a Homepage and Sections

    Each department or program will have its own "Channel."

    Each channel can have its own banner (similar to the banner above labeled "Schoolwires.") Each channel can have a point of contact listed above on the uppper-right corner of the page. (This needs to be programmed by the district webmaster).

    Each channel needs the following sections: 

    • Homepage
    • About Us
    • OPTIONAL: Calendar



    • Per the sample pages pictured, you have the following options for a homepage:
      • Page with a sidebar
      • Page without a sidebar

    You can have a large image atop your page, or it can be a rotating image or video, or even a banner of some type.

    Images atop the page are not required. If you would like a specially-designed graphic for atop your page, contact

        • *Note: The Office of Communications, Marketing and Development does NOT create logos for departments. SPPS practice is that departments do not have their own logos for their departments or programs, as this creates additional confusion under the SPPS umbrella.

    Your homepage may also contain icons, as pictured. These icons can be used as visual buttons that link to other sections or pages within your site or the district. A library of these icons can be found on the



    About Us

    •  About Us

    This section will include a brief description of your program and mission. This page should also include an overview area that provides a Contact Us piece on the page.

    This section can (and often should) contain a department directory.



    Calendar (optional)

    • Calendars are optional but recommended. For district websites, SPPS uses Google Calendars and we embed these calendars onto the department sites. This is done for several reasons:
      • Google calendars are ubiquetous
      • The calendars are very mobile compatible
      • The calendars can by synced to parent and stakeholder needs
    • If you do not have a Google Calendar for your department, or if you have a different calendar tool you would prefer to use, please consult with the Office of Communications and we will create one for you. This is important for creating editing permissions and compatibility with the Schoolwires platform.




    Basic Page



    Page with Image and Sidebar