Service Tickets

  • Service Tickets

    All communications with SPPS Technology Services are initiated via a service ticket, which is instantly routed through the automated system to the proper Technology Services Department staff.  Service is provided, or built-in processes are triggered, to resolve an incident or deliver a service. The service ticket provides an efficient way to receive status updates; communicate with Technology Services staff; review ticket history; or search the Knowledge Base.

    Status Updates:

    • Receive automated email updates on the status of a service ticket
    • Log in to the Service Desk to check the status of a service ticket


    • Add additional information to an existing service ticket
    • Respond to questions from Technology Services staff
    • Receive information about ticket resolution
    • Open a resolved ticket and add information to re-open a service ticket

    Ticket History:

    • All submitted tickets are easily accessible from a single location
    • Review a specific ticket
    • Access and open a resolved ticket

    Solution Articles:

    • Search the Knowledge Base to find answers to common Technology Services questions