IB DP Examination Policy

  • Harding IB DP Examination Policy – 2020

    1. SPPS will pay for all fees associated with IB DP examinations.
    2. Students no longer face any financial penalties for incomplete IB DP internal or external assessments (starting February 2017).
    3. All students registered for IB DP exams are expected to complete all parts of them (internal and external) and staff will work to positively encourage and support students.
    4. External and internal assessments are an essential part of “showing your learning” in IB DP classes and will also factor into class grades and could ultimately impact GPAs.
      1. Incomplete IB DP external or internal assessments will impact students’ grades.
      2. The grade impact will be determined by the teacher and it may not exceed the actual percentage value of the incomplete IB DP assessment (i.e., if the External Assessment is worth 20%, the impact could equal up to 20% of that Quarter’s grade).
      3. This only impacts the grading period when the assessment is due. External and Internal Assessments are always due in Quarters 2, 3 and/or 4.
    1. Participation in, engagement with, and completion of IB DP assessments are all that is factored into school grades since IB DP results are issued in July, after the school year has ended.