FAQ for Office 365

  • Office 365

    What is Office 365?
    "Office 365" is a suite of office applications and cloud-based  productivity services that includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook and Publisher.  It also includes additional features such as Skype for Business (including instant messaging), OneDrive (cloud storage) and Teams (a collaboration tool).


    What is “the cloud”?
    The cloud” refers to storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of on your computer's hard drive. There are two parts to cloud services in Office 365:

    • Virtual space where files can be securely stored--files can only be accessed using your Active Directory (AD) credentials.
    • Software as a Service (SaaS), where you can access Office products from the cloud such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Publisher.  


    Why are we switching?
    Cost savings on recurring license fees; industry trends are moving toward cloud-based email, and better technical support.


    What are the benefits?
    You can access your files in the cloud anytime, anywhere; better collaboration within and outside the district; simple to learn and straightforward to use; improved safety and security; option to have online meetings.

    When will we switch to Office 365?
    On October 23, 2017, all District email will use Outlook. Your Lotus Notes mail will be automatically transferred to Outlook as of this date. Your “travel folder” will be migrated over to the cloud. This means your folder for backup file storage will be available online, from any browser. 


    How do I access Office 365
    An Office 365 icon will replace the Travel folder on your desktop beginning Oct. 23; Note: your "travel folder" will now be accessible through the Office 365 portal.


    Can anybody get office installed? - The office 365 icon, and suite applications mentioned above will be automatically deployed to staff computers (Mac and PC/Windows). For iOS (iPad and cell phones) users can access the web-based interface.


    Will there be training?
    Yes. In summer 2017, Technology Services will share Microsoft Office 365 online training tutorials and How To documentation for Office apps, including OneNote, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Skype for Business and more. Training is also available in schoology and on site; check the Office 365 training page for more information.


    What happens to my email address?
    Your email address remains the same. EX: firstname.lastname@spps.org.


    Do we still have two email addresses?
    Yes, everyone who has a Google account for SPPS Apps will retain that access.


    How will I access my Email?
    You can access your email using OWA (Outlook Web Access) from any web browser. Will Office 365 and email work on my mac/ipad/android/pc? Yes, this is a cloud-based service.


    What will happen to Lotus Notes?
    The district is moving away from using Lotus Notes for calendars and email services.  The Lotus Notes databases will remain in place as we work to find suitable solutions to retire those databases.


    What will happen to my email/folders?
    Your email will be backed up and transferred to Office 365, which includes sub-folders. Lotus Notes email distribution and email groups will be copied over. However, filtering rules and email signatures will not be copied over due to technical limitations.


    What is OneDrive?  
    This is the name of the Cloud storage in Office 365. It is like DropBox and Google Drive. You can access OneDrive with your email address and Active Directory password.  You will also have up to 1 terabyte (TB) of free space to use to store district files and folders.


    Do I need a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to access my documents?
    Your documents will be stored in OneDrive; therefore, you will not need VPN access to access these files.  However, some staff members do require VPN access in order to access documents in the SPPS network.


    How can I backup my files?  
    Similar to how you currently save your files - File → Save → pick your location and name your file. *Save to “My Travel Folder” in Mac or PC


    Can I convert my current documents from other applications to Office 365/OneDrive?


    What if I don’t remember my Active Directory password?
    Please contact the Service Desk at 651-603-4353, internally at 34357 or submit a request at servicedesk.spps.org.


    Do I have more passwords to remember?
    No - Office 365 will use the same Active Directory password you use to access most other SPPS sites like PDExpress, your computer, Campus, etc.  


    Is there a difference between my webmail password and ‘client’ password?
    No - (It uses same Active Directory password).