Contact your legislators

Name Email Phone
Commissioner Brenda Cassellius, MN Dept of Ed 651-582-8200
Governor Mark Dayton 651-201-3400
House Education Finance Chair Jenifer Loon 651-296-7449
House Education Innovation Policy Chair Sondra Erickson 651-296-6746
House Majority Leader Joyce Peppin 651-296-7806
House Minority Leader Melissa Hortman 651-296-4280
House Ways and Means Chair Jim Knoblach 651-296-6612
Senate Education Finance Chair Carla Nelson 651-296-4848
Senate Finance Chair Julie Rosen 651-296-5713
Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka 651-296-4875
Senate Minority Leader Thomas Bakk 651-296-8881
Speaker of the House Kurt Daudt 651-296-5364
State Rep. Alice Hausman 651-296-3824
State Rep. Carlos Mariani 651-296-9714
State Rep. Dave Pinto 651-296-4199
State Rep. Erin Murphy 651-296-8799
State Rep. John Lesch 651-296-4224
State Rep. Rena Moran 651-296-5158
State Rep. Sheldon Johnson 651-296-4201
State Rep. Tim Mahoney 651-296-4277
State Sen. Foung Hawj 651-296-5285
State Sen. John Marty 651-296-5645
State Sen. Richard Cohen 651-296-5931
State Sen. Sandra Pappas 651-296-1802
US Congresswoman Betty McCollum, 4th District 202-225-6631
US Senator Amy Klobuchar 202-224-3244
US Senator Tina Smith 202-224-5641