1. Food and beverages are not allowed in main area or computer labs.
      2. When students arrive in the Library Media Center, they will be asked to produce a signed planner pass from a teacher, early release card or late start card, or an admit from an administrator. You must sign in and keep your planner open to the pass at your desk.
      3. To utilize a computer, students need to complete an Acceptable Use Policy which is signed by a parent/guardian and then returned to the Media Center.
      4. Students on inappropriate sites or acting improperly will be disciplined or asked to leave.
      5. Four students per hour may come from study hall to do school related work as well as four students from a classroom teacher. A signed planner pass is needed.
      6. To print, a charge of five cents per page is assessed. The copy machine is five cents per page, as well.
      7. Multiple discipline action may result in being on a NO PASS list to the library without an adult escort.