• Spring 2017 iPad Return

    All students and staff need to turn in their iPads by the end of the school year. This is particularly important because iPads and being exchanged for new, updated models in the fall.

    iPad Hand-in Calendar Schools will be collecting iPads between now and June 2, 2017.
    Click here to view iPad hand-in dates for secondary schools.

    Please ensure students bring their district-issued iPad, iPad case and charging accessories on the collection date. Contact your school directly or watch your school’s website for details about the specific collection date for your school. For more information, go to: www.spps.org/Domain/11281

    Students who do not turn in their iPads, cases, and chargers may lose out on end-of-the-year privileges like class trips, athletic events or graduation ceremonies. Students need to return their iPad or report its loss to their school in order to receive a new iPad in the fall.

    Please check with your student to ensure they are prepared to return their devices to school.

    Fall 2017 Information

    SPPS chooses to lease iPads because it allows us to keep up with changes in technology.  Next fall we will have all new iPads, with more storage space.  Special keyboard cases are being added for older students and adults.

    • keyboard Students grades 6-12 will receive a 128 GB iPad in a Logitech Rugged Keyboard case, a charger brick, and a USB charging cable.  
    • Students in grades 4-5 will receive 128 GB iPads with a regular case, same model as this year.
    • Grades PK-3 will have full-sized iPads with 32GB of storage, also in regular cases.  

    All iPads will be deployed by September 22.