Library Policies


    1. When students arrive in the Library Media Center, they must stop at the front window and produce a signed pass from a teacher, early release card or late start card. 
    2. All students must sign in at the front window and sign out if they leave during the hour.
    3. Five students per hour may come from study hall to do school related work as well as six students from a classroom teacher. A signed pass is needed. Only one student per pass.
    4. Students may move tables and chairs if it is necessary for academic work but they must put them back before they leave.
    5. The round part of the library is a No Talking Section. Quiet voices are allowed in the remainder of the library.
    6. The printer is for school related work only.
    7. Please remember to clear your area and take all of your belongings when you leave. Belongings that are left behind will be kept in the library office for a day or two and then sent to the school's Lost & Found

      *Please Note: Currently, snacks and beverages are allowed in the library, but ,if students leave their area dirty, this privalege will be stopped!