School Grant Checklist

  • Preparing Your Application

    As early as possible before the application deadline:

    ?  Read funder guidelines thoroughly.

    ?  Fill out the Short Grant Pre-Application Form.

    ?  Have your principal sign the Short Grant Pre-Application Form.

    ?  Email the signed Short Grant Pre-Application form to

    At this point, CMD staff will review this form and may contact you to gather further information or connect you with other departments. Please be aware that the Office of Research, Evaluation and Assessment must be consulted on all applications that require data collection. Other departments or offices may also need to be brought into the mix.

    ?  Draft your grant proposal and project budget. You may need to work with a district accountant to plan a successful budget.

    ?  Allow time to proofread and edit your proposal. Have another person help you with this if possible. Reading your text aloud is an excellent way to hear what works and what doesn’t!


    Submitting Your Application

    At least seven business days before the application deadline:

    ?  Email your completed proposal* to CMD cannot guarantee timely approval of your proposal if we receive it later than seven working days prior to the funder’s deadline.

    *If you are preparing an online application, you have several options. You can paste the grant text into a Word document, which you can attach to an email. You may be able to save the online form as a PDF file and attach it to an email. For online applications, you may need to send us the username and password with which you log on to the funder’s application site. We may edit the proposal online, or provide you with feedback so you can edit your proposal.

    ?  CMD staff will get back to you when your application has been fully approved and can be submitted.

    ?  When you hear back from the funder, let CMD know whether your grant was funded and, if so, for how much.

    ?  Submit Award documents to the Grant Management Coordinator [] for official grant acceptance, contract execution and budget set-up.

    ?  Send a thank-you note to the funder!

    Download the checklist as a PDF.

  • Questions

    Contact: Lisa van der Steur
    Senior Development Specialist
    Office of Communications, Marketing and Development (CMD)