Online Fundraising

  • Online Fundraising Basics 

    What is online fundraising?

    Also known as crowdfunding, online fundraising gives individuals a fast, easy way to donate -- from anywhere around the world -- to your project or school. Teachers or principals create an online project page that includes images, video, and a story. If the images and story are compelling enough, donors who visit the page will use their credit cards to support the project.

    What makes online fundraising a success?

    In a word, exposure. It’s critical for those raising funds to share links to the online project page with as many people as possible. This means using your personal social media contacts and asking everyone you know to share your post. In the case of a schoolwide project, it means asking all school staff to post links and invite readers to share it.

  • Success Stories 

    Going viral

    One recent January, an SPPS social worker saw students waiting for the school bus with only a towel to keep them warm. This story was posted on Facebook by the SPPS Foundation, and within days it went viral. Coats arrived from across the U.S., along with more than $5,000 in cash

    Facebook + GiveMN = $$$

    Murray Middle School needed to raise about $60,000 for a tutoring program. In the month of July, principal Stacy Theien-Collins created and announced a new school Facebook page. She used the page to post stories and links to an online project page on Her team created and posted simple videos they created with an iPhone. They paired photographs of students, family members and staff with quotes about the project. By the fall, using online fundraising along with in-person appeals, they met their goal.