Districtwide Initiatives

  • District-wide grants support initiatives aligned with the SPPS Achieves Strategic Plan.

    The CMD grants team oversees the development of district-wide grant applications to state, federal, national, and foundation funding opportunities. Last year, CMD secured over $14.3 million through these efforts. These multi-year, multi-partner, multi-million dollar applications demand great attention to many details and yield substantial dollars to implement the SPPS mission: a premier education for all.

    Please contact Rebekah Doyle at rebekah.doyle@spps.org or 651-767-8366 for more information.

    Application Process

    As funding opportunities arise, CMD alerts appropriate administrators or, in some cases, is alerted by administrators. Once a grant has been identified, the following steps take place:

    1. Pre-Approval and Grant Selection Considerations. The pre-approval form is filled out by the lead SPPS program contact in conjunction with any partnering community-based organizations. Once returned to CMD, it will be routed to senior leaders including the Superintendent.
    2. Proposal Development. Subject matter experts, administrators, and staff meet with grants staff to conceive, develop and articulate the entire proposal. This work is collaborative and coordinated with other departments such as Research, Evaluation and Assessment; Operations/Facilities/Technology, Business Office, Purchasing; and Human Resources.
    3. Final approval and submission. The Superintendent and Board of Education must formally authorize the submission of all grant applications. The grants team will complete this task.

    Initiating Grant-funded Projects

    If a grant application is funded, notify the grants team as soon as possible to share the news and to start procedures to accept the grant and initiate the program.

    1. Formally accepting the terms of the grant. Many grants come with a contract; only the Superintendent can sign these. All paperwork related to the award should be forwarded to the the Grants Management Coordinator (GMC, currently Rebekah Doyle).
    2. Setting up the budget. The Grants Management Coordinator will review the award and application to set up the initial budget. You will receive an email with the budget code, copies of all important documents, and reminders of when reports will be due to the sponsor.
    3. Technology, Facilities, Human Resources, and Research, Evaluation and Assessment often need to assist in implementing new projects. A grant kick-off meeting is held with all departments present to ensure a coordinated start to new projects.
    4. Ongoing administrative support. The Grants Management Coordinator will be your first call for assistance on grants. Whether you have a budget question, a report to submit, need training, or just don’t know whom to ask, the GMC has been assisting grant managers for over ten years and knows, or can find, an answer.

    Letters of Support, Letters of Commitment and Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs)

    Many grants require written support in the form of a letter or a legally-binding document (MOU). CMD will work with you to secure administrative approval and the superintendent’s signature. Principals and program administrators may not sign these documents.

    Organizations looking for support from SPPS must become Certified Partners with the district through the Office of Family Engagement & Community Partnerships (OFECP). Find the Partnership Onboarding Process here.

    Once an external agency has filled out the online form, met with OFECP for a brief interview and received approved to proceed, CMD will review a draft letter of support, application and budget narrative (see procedures and forms here). Typically, Letters of Support and Letters of Commitment take a minimum of seven business days to process. Requested letters must be signed and authorized by the Superintendent.

    Do Not Solicit List

    The Superintendent is the key point of contact with certain foundations that have an extensive history and long-term strategic funding plan in place. If you would like to apply for funding from one of the organizations, please contact the Development team first.