Partnership Philosophy

  • Partnership Philosophy -- CM&D invites community members, organizations, corporations and others to partner with us in educating the children of Saint Paul.  As one of the promoters and guardians of their interests, it is our responsibility to ensure that these partnerships benefit students in Saint Paul Public Schools while also meeting the needs of the district and our partners, who generously commit their time, resources and expertise to our venture.

    With these guidelines in mind, CM&D evaluates proposed projects according to rigorous standards, ensuring --

        Strength of the project’s potential to advance educational outcomes and follow educational best practices
        Sustainability as a stand-alone educational service beyond the project period
        Scalability beyond the site or sites for which it was conceived
        Capacity of the district to incorporate the project in a manner that is strategic, financially viable and managerially sound

    What You Can Expect from CM&D -- we help you make a difference by ensuring the process is smooth and successful.  In doing so we will --

        Write, coordinate and manage grants and funding requests
        Negotiate final contracts for all projects in good faith, with realistic assessment of costs, staffing and timing
        Respond quickly to funder’s questions
        Perform all services agreed to in the project contract to satisfy funder satisfaction
        Integrate all projects into the district strategic plan and create the plan for continuing the initiative before the it is funded
        Communicate with funder’s key staff and will complete all reports in a regular, timely and efficient manner as prescribed by the contract

    Click here to see the list of foundations that should not be solicited.