Tastemasters Taste Test

  • What is Tastemasters

    A program by Nutrition Services that combines food lessons in class with taste testing of new foods in the cafeteria.  Students are encouraged to use all their senses when deciding whether or not they like the new recipe.


    The purpose of this test is to encourage adventurous eating by teaching students about new foods before they try them.  Research shows that when healthy foods are presented in a fun and appealing way, students are more likely to give it a go!

    What is Involved

    ★ Mini ​lessons ​provided ​by ​U ​of ​Mn- ​Extension ​educators
    ★ “Name ​the ​recipe” ​contest
    ★ Voting ​and ​stickers
    ★ Smiles, ​encouragement ​and ​fun!

    Want More Information

    Contact NS@spps.org

    Past Results and Materials


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