Strategic Priority Partners

  • Strategic Priority Partners have committed to --


    • Designate Saint Paul Public schools as a Strategic Partnership Priority
    • Provide direct support to the school district
    • Commit to supporting one or more of our key action items
    • Invest, with a long-term view, to help accelerate our pace to excellence
    • Provide volunteers to the Saint Paul Public Schools Foundation tutoring Partnership, its annual campaign drive, and its programs that supports Saint Paul Public schools

    Strategic Priority Partners have recently contributed --

    3M has been a strong and reliable funding partner with Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) for more than 35 years. 3M efforts focus on increasing student interest and achievement in science, technology, engineering and math by supporting innovative math and science programming to improve college and workforce readiness. Starting with the 3M science technical excellence Program (STEP) where high school students take science classes taught by 3M scientists and engineers during spring semester followed by a summer internship. The partnership with Saint Paul Public schools supported a three-year curriculum development and professional development initiative to align the district’s science curriculum to state and national standards across all SPPS schools.

    3M’s support provides programs at multiple grade levels that incorporate highly engaging hands-on applied science and math experiences for students, including: GEMS/GISE, First Lego league, FIRST Robotics, and Math counts. Additionally, the 3M ingenuity grant program provides direct support to teachers and students for innovative STEM classroom projects. 3M provides support through direct contributions, as well as product donations and human resources from employee volunteers. Each year hundreds of 3M volunteers serve as tutors, mentors, classroom presenters and coaches for after school academic programs and they pack and distribute school supplies through the stuff for schools Program. Donations of 3M Products – from Interactive White Boards, Digital Projectors, Tapes, Glue Sticks, Bandages and Post-Its help improve classroom learning.

    Amherst H. Wilder Foundation
    The Amherst H. Wilder Foundation supports Saint Paul Public Schools with achievement Plus. Achievement Plus is a private-public partnership created in 1996 as a joint venture between the Saint Paul Public Schools, the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation, the city of Saint Paul, and Ramsey County. The initiative’s primary focus is on raising the achievement level of students. All of the Achievement Plus schools are located in low socio-economic neighborhoods, and the goal is to eliminate barriers that may keep students from being in school every day, ready and eager to learn.

    Ecolab Foundation
    The Ecolab Foundation funding will continue to support the Humboldt Complex through direct grants to the district and grants to partnering organizations. In addition to regular funding, the Ecolab Foundation will fund the development and implementation of a restructuring plan to implement a 7-12 environmental studies program in the Humboldt Complex to address the significant challenges that this school is facing. Ecolab will also continue the successful Visions for Learning grants program that support additional classroom materials for innovative learning opportunities to help students in grades K-12 reach learning goals. Ecolab will provide approximately $425,000 in total support in 2009-2010.

    Greater Twin Cities United Way
    As a part of its Agenda for Lasting Change, the Greater Twin Cities United Way is pleased to partner with the Saint Paul Public Schools in a multi-year initiative to ensure that all students, especially students in poverty, read at or above grade level by third grade. Based on the Dane County United Way Schools of Hope model, the initiative will focus on tutoring, parent engagement efforts, and academic supports for more than 3,700 K-3 students who are not proficient in reading. The partnership is expected to run through the year 2014 and over the course of three to five years is an investment valued at between $2.3 million to $3.7 million.

    F.R. Bigelow Foundation
    The board of directors of the Saint Paul Foundation and the F.R. Bigelow Foundation are pleased to have each provided $450,000 over three years (2007-2009) to expand the Saint Paul Public Schools Foundation to rally investments of time and resources to support academic success in the Saint Paul Public Schools.

    Health Partners
    Health Partners in collaboration with other health organizations and Saint Paul Public Schools, have developed an initiative to examine and address the needs of children and families that have limited access to health care. More than fifteen healthcare organizations have agreed to partner with the district on a healthy lifestyles initiative to engage and sustain student health initiatives in the school and community of Saint Paul.

    McKnight Foundation
    The McKnight Foundation is pleased to have provided more than $3 million over three years in support of Project Early Kindergarten. This critically important program is aimed at improving the educational outcomes for low-income, English Language Learners and Special Education student populations. The support is directed toward the development of rigorous and high quality early childhood programming aligned with the district’s K-12 standards-based education reform.

    McNeely Foundation
    The McNeely Foundation provides support for the Saint Paul Public School’s middle school Credit Fulfillment Program at Washington and Battle Creek Middle schools. This program assists struggling students to achieve academically so that they are able to move forward fully prepared for the rigors of high school and beyond. The McNeely Foundation support of $80,000 per year for three years expands implementation of an early identification and intervention system to address the critical issues experienced by the group of middle school students who are least likely to succeed in high school.

    Morning Foundation
    The Morning Foundation provides direct support for a number of systemic and school-based efforts, including the AVID program. The Foundation has also provided strategic planning and volunteer support to district administrators and staff.

    Saint Paul Public Schools Foundation
    The Saint Paul Public Schools Foundation supports Saint Paul Public Schools as it works in partnership with the school district and the community to fund and develop innovative programs that support high academic achievement. The Foundation partners with the Saint Paul Public Schools and the community to support academic improvement and achievement by: championing support for public education; facilitating partnerships; funding innovative projects; celebrating and inspiring the success of students, schools and the school district. Three program initiatives embody the Foundation’s mission to rally investments of time and resources to support academic success in the Saint Paul Public schools: Tutoring Partnership, Achievement Plus and Celebrating Excellence.

    Travelers Foundation
    The Travelers Foundation supports Saint Paul Public schools’ efforts to advance public education reform through grants that promote college readiness and access for under-represented students and for leadership development for school principals. Travelers’ support will represent approximately $1.4 million in 2009. The majority of travelers’ support is dedicated to expanding the successful Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program, which is now incorporated into 11 secondary schools. AVID gives traditionally underrepresented students the skills, preparation and encouragement needed to successfully continue their education after high school. The project will train approximately 750 elementary teachers and 112 secondary teachers in order to expand the program over the next five years. The expanded AVID program is projected to ultimately serve a total of 5,640 elementary and 800 secondary students annually. Support from Travelers is also funding systemic leadership development and principal leadership development efforts focused on student achievement and strategic planning.

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