• Accounts Payable Manager – John Stearns

                Phone: 651/744-6614; Email:

    Accounts Payable Team - General Contact


    Accounts Receivable Accountant – Mekonnen Kumela

                Phone: 651/744-4272; Email:

    Accounts Receivable Accounting Clerk – April Morris

                Phone: 651/767-3481; Email:

    Athletic Administrative Clerk – Laura Ranum

                Phone: 651/744-3805; Email:

    Business Office Management Assistant – Heidi Zisla

                Phone: 651/767-8346; Email:

    Chief Financial Officer – Tom Sager

                Phone: ; Email: 

    Controller – Lori Doehne

                Phone: 651/744-3191; Email:

    Director of Communications – Erica Wacker

                Phone: 651/744-4189; Email:

    Facilities – general contact

                Phone: 651/744-1800; Email:

    Fund Development Assistant - Madeline Ramirez

                Phone: 651/744-3470; Email:

    Innovation Office (includes grants) - general contact - Maria Vincent

                Phone: 651/744-6855; Email:

    Grants Assistant - Reyna Davila-Day

               Phone: 651/744-5127; Email:

    Legal Counsel – Charles Long

                Phone: 651/767-8137; Email:

    Office of Family Engagement and Community Partnerships – general contact

                Phone: 651/767-8347; Email:

    Payroll Manager – Kimberly Motz

                Phone: 651/767-8271; Email:

    Purchasing Office – general contact

                Phone: 651/744-7852; Email

    Purchasing Manager – 

                Phone: 651/767-8289; Email: 

    Purchasing Contracts Manager - Mee Chang


    Research Evaluation and Assessment (REA) – general contact - Laurie Niblick

                Phone: 651/603-4347; Email:

    REA Director – Kara Arzamendia

                Phone: 651/744-1708; Email:

    REA Assistant Director – Pang Nhia Yang

                Phone: 651/744-5780; Email:

    Secretary to the Board of Education – Sarah Dahlke

                Phone: 651/767-8149; Email:

    SHIP Coordinator – Carol Grady

                Phone: 651/744-7834; Email:

    Special Education – general contact

                Phone: 651/767-8321

    Technology Services - general contact

                Phone: 651/603-4357; Email:

    Transportation Services

                Phone: 651/696-9600; Email:

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Last Modified on June 14, 2023