Employee Code of Conduct

  • Who This Applies To:  All Employees and Board Members



    SPPS employees, officers, and agents may not request or accept gratuities, favors, or anything of monetary value from contractors or parties to subcontracts. Such gratuities are permitted if the financial interest is not substantial (eg: cookies, office pens) or the gift is an unsolicited item of nominal value (ie: $5 or less).


    Gifts to Individuals

    • Unless something of equal value is exchanged, employees should
      • Not accept anything of more than nominal value from any source
      • Not accept anything given as a result of their district duties, office or employment
    • Students, parents/guardians and others may show appreciation to employees, board members or a particular school or classroom; however, any gift of more than nominal value becomes property of the district
    • Teachers may accept free samples of textbooks and teaching materials from publishers
    • Employees may accept promotional or public relations items of nominal value
    • No employee, officer, or agent of SPPS may accept a gift from an entity interested in doing business with the district

     This procedure does not apply to gifts given to employees by friends, family, other employees or others not connected to the employee’s position.


    Gifts to a Group, Department, School, or the District

    See the Gift to Programs or Schools procedure


    Documentation Required


Why This Is Important

    • It’s the law (see CFR Part 200.318, 48 CFR 52.203-13, and MN Statute 471.87)
    • Employees and their families should not benefit from district purchases or contracts
    • Employees must avoid impropriety, conflict of interest, and the appearance of either
    • Employees who violate this may be subject to discipline, including reprimand, suspension, termination and/or discharge  
    • School board members who violate the provisions of this procedure may be subject to discipline in accordance with applicable statute and district policy


Last Modified on October 25, 2018