Purchase Payment Quick Guide

Direct Purchase and Pay With P-Card

    • Total cost less than $3,500 for schools/$5,000 for departments
    • Supplies (instructional materials and non-instructional materials)
    • Food items (not catering services) – see Food Purchasing Regulations first
    • Registration fees for meetings/workshops not requiring an overnight stay
    • Copier and fax machine rental/lease costs
    • Book orders totaling less than $1000

     See the P-Card process.

Direct Purchase and Pay With a Voucher

    • Fees for services that total less than $3,500 for schools/$5,000 for departments
    • Contractual professional growth expenses that total less than $1,000
    • ELL interpreter/translator, deaf/hearing impaired interpreter regardless of cost
    • Child care services regardless of cost
    • Cell phone and pager monthly service costs
    • Catering services outside of Nutrition Services, that total less than $3,500 for schools/$5,000 for departments – see the Food Purchase Regulations first

    See the Voucher process.

Submit Purchase Requisition for Goods or Services

    • Any items ordered from companies as listed on the Requisition Guidelines
    • The following items regardless of cost:
      • Any items that will be connected to the district’s network system, including computers, printers, switches, routers, iPads, etc.
      • Software
      • Any item that is purchased using E-Rate funding
    • New cell phones, fax machines and copiers
    • Major appliances (need special power, venting requirements etc.)
    • Book orders totaling more than $1000
    • Total cost more than $3,500 for schools or $5,000 for departments

    See the purchase requisition processes for Goods or Services.

  • See specific linked procedures for exceptions, full details, and steps.

Last Modified on August 14, 2020