Common Audit Findings Quick Guide

  • Unfavorable audit findings can result in more frequent reporting and monitoring, repayment of funds, loss of continuation of multi-year award, and/or termination of an award.

    Below, you will find the most common findings by the US Department of Education and the SPPS procedures designed to prevent these from ocurring. For a pdf of this information in table form, click here.

Failure to follow procurement standards

Issues with compensation

  • This finding includes:

    • Time and Effort charged at a higher rate than the worker’s regular salary, or in addition to employee's salary
    • Time and Effort reports that are missing, incomplete or not timely


    Avoid this finding by following this SPPS process:

    Time and Effort

Lack of timely audits or failure to correct problems identified in audit reports

Lax inventory control

Poor cash management procedures

Poor record-keeping

Using an incorrect indirect cost rate

Using federal funds for unallowable costs and activities

Violation of cost principles

Last Modified on October 23, 2018