Request for Bid/Quote/Proposal Quick Guide

  • Hiring vendors or contractors to provide goods or services can happen in a variety of ways.

Request for Quote (RFQ)

  • Requesting a quote is an informal procurement process

     Use is limited to the following:

    • Total cost is $50,000 or less
    • SPPS staff approaches the vendor or contractor with request
    • Must have at least two quotes for comparison, three is preferred
    • State or Joint Powers contracts can be used in place of multiple quotes

Request for Bid (RFB)

  • Requesting a bid is a formal procurement process.

    Used when the need or scope can be clearly defined (eg: I need X. How much will it cost?)

    • Total cost is $50,000 or more
    • Used for construction, goods, and services
    • Vendors and contractors approach SPPS with bids to advertised solicitations
    • SPPS advertises the need for at least two weeks
    • Ideally three or more for cost comparison, but possible to award on single bids
    • No negotiation between vendor and SPPS
    • Lowest responsive and responsible bid wins

Request for Proposal (RFP)

  • Requesting a proposal is a complex formal procurement process.

     Used when the scope is not easily defined, or the goods or services may vary between vendors (eg: My school or program has this need. How can you help me meet this and what will it cost?)

    • May be needed for goods or service contract regardless of cost
    • Useful when there is insufficient detail (eg: hiring a grant writer, a program evaluator, a landscaper, etc.)
    • Negotiation between SPPS and vendor is built into the process
    • Proposals are scored using predetermined criteria; highest scoring vendor is awarded

  • See specific linked procedures for exceptions, full details, and steps.

Last Modified on October 25, 2018