Contract Monitoring Checklist

    • Bullets are informational

           _____ Blanks are tasks to be completed

Step 1 - Purchase Order

    • Completed by buyer or contract coordinator
    • Once issued, and contract is fully executed in eRFP, contractor may begin service

Step 2 - Communication

  • Grant manager or contract manager communicates with the contractor or vendor

    _____ Ensure compliance with contract terms

    _____ Review the Insurance section of the contract; request certificate of liability if needed

    _____ Provide weekly or monthly reports, per terms

Step 3 - Payment Schedule

Step 4 - Progress or performance

  • _____ Review initial, current, and desired end result

    _____ Feedback

    _____ Accept correctly provided goods

    _____ Accept services meeting expectations

Step 5 - Resolve Problems

  • Problems with vendors or contractors

    _____ Similar process for problems with employees

    • Verbal notice
    • Written notice
    • Corrective action plan
    • Improvement in 30 days or termination process

    _____ Contact the Purchasing Office for guidance


    Problems with goods or services

    _____ Reject incorrect, damaged goods

    _____ Reject services failing to meet expectations

Step 6 - Revise Contract

  • Changes to the cost, work (scope) or time require a change order, amendment or extension captured in eRFP.

    • See contract or grant award notice for specifics

    _____ Return to step 2,of Contract Preparation as an amendment or change order

Step 7 - Close Out Contract

  • _____ Settle all pending issues

    _____ Reconcile terms and conditions with actual end result

    _____ Return of SPPS equipment and materials

    _____ Final payment

    _____ Close purchase order - Purchasing needs to close only if there are remaining funds that will not be spent

Last Modified on August 10, 2020