Grants and Gifts Quick Guide


    • External funding
      • Private, state, or federal
      • Sought by programs, schools, or SPPS as a district
    • Money with requirements for financial tracking and reporting
      • Not part of a funding formula

     Grants require board approval before application or acceptance.

Accepting Gifts to Programs or Schools

  • Money is sent to accounts receivable for deposit in the appropriate account.

    • Goods, services, or money given charitably, with no strings attached
    • Purpose is consistent with those of the school district
    • Shall be offered by a donor acceptable to the board
    • Shall not add to staff load without board approval
    • Shall not be accepted if there are excessive costs for maintenance or installation
    • Shall not be accepted if they evoke a conflict of interest
    • Shall place no restrictions on the school program
    • Must not imply endorsement of any business, product or religion
    • Must not conflict with any provisions of the policy manual or state statutes
    • Become school district property

     The board has pre-approved the acceptance of up to $30,000 in accepting gifts to programs or schools.

    Gifts to individuals are subject to the Code of Conduct procedure.

Other Revenue

  • Revenue not considered gifts or grants.

    • Small amounts of money collected from students such as “Penny Thursday”.
    • Profits from selling products such as candy, magazines, etc.
    • Profits from school events such as carnivals, book fairs, etc.
    • Parents paying part or all of the cost of a field trip for their own children
    • Receiving cash or checks on behalf of SPPS process must be followed

Additional Information

  • See specific linked procedures for exceptions, full details, and steps.

Last Modified on November 4, 2019