Grant Life Cycle Quick Guide


  • Expect preparation to take 3-6 weeks.

    • Identify funding source
    • Complete application


  • Expect the award process to take up to one month.

    • Award notification
    • Accept or decline award
    • Develop and implement work plan
    • Set up finalized budget

Grant Management

  • Expect the grant management to last total length of the grant (six months to five years).

    • Overall coordination of the work plan
    • Supervise work and workers
    • Collaborate with SPPS departments, community and funders
    • Provide financial oversight
    • Ensure compliance with regulations
    • Oversee data collection, evaluation and reporting


  • Expect closeout to take up to three months.

    • Summative evaluation
    • Final report to funder
    • Recommendations to the district
    • Storage of records

After Closeout

  • There are still tasks to complete after closeout

    • Retain records for five years
    • Implement changes based on recommendations from project
    • Seek funding for projects that build on new information

  • See the specific linked procedures for exceptions, full details, and steps.

Last Modified on January 18, 2019