Student Record Access Quick Guide

Unprotected Information

  • Directory information is public information and may be released – usually for yearbooks, athletics programs, and other school recognitions.

    • Name
    • Birth date
    • Grade
    • School
    • Dates of enrollment
    • Awards
    • Extra-curricular information

Protected Information

  • For all other student record content, access is limited to the following:

    • Parents or legal guardians presenting proper identification
    • Students age 18 or over and presenting proper identification
    • SPPS authorized personnel, such as the principal, teachers, counselors, nurses
    • Schools where the student seeks to enroll
    • Researchers conducting studies on behalf of SPPS (with approval from REA)
    • Individuals with a critical need to protect the health and safety of students
    • Federal or state officials for purposes of auditing and compliance with laws
    • Other third parties with written permission of adult students, parents, or legal guardians

Military Exception

  • Information that may be released to military recruiters:

    • Addresses and telephone numbers of students in Grades 11 and 12
    • Parent/legal guardian may submit a written request to not release this information

Last Modified on October 25, 2018